Advanced Model

This demo showcases our apps ability to dynamically size the sign based on the total size of the characters used to make up the sign.
This demo also employs a pricing system that is based on the amount of material required to build the final shape of all the font characters .
We are also using a dynamic shipping cost that is based on final dimensions of the sign.


  • Add Unlimited Fonts: Customize your neon signs with a wide range of font options. You can add as many fonts as you want to provide a diverse selection for your customers.
  • Pricing Rule Flexibility: Assign different prices to each font by utilizing the pricing rule feature. This allows you to set unique pricing for different fonts, providing versatility in your pricing structure.


  • Advanced Pricing Model: With our Advanced model, you have access to flexible pricing options.
  • Fixed Cost per Letter: Set a fixed cost for each letter, allowing you to determine the pricing based on the number of characters.
  • Letter Material Cost: Account for the cost of materials used for each letter, enabling accurate pricing calculations.
  • Shipping Price Calculation: The app calculates the shipping price based on the size of the signs, ensuring accurate shipping cost calculations.


  • Scale Font Sizes: The sizes feature allows you to scale the minimum font size to cater to different design preferences.
  • Customizable Sizing Options: Offer your customers the ability to choose the perfect size for their neon signs, providing a personalized experience.


  • Versatile Color Options: Enable customers to customize the color of their neon signs.
  • Single or Multiple Colors: Whether they prefer a single color or multiple colors, the app allows customers to select their desired color scheme.

Backboards and Backboard Colors

  • Backboard Customization: Provide customers with the option to select backboards for their neon signs.
  • Diverse Backboard Color Choices: Allow customers to choose from a range of backboard colors, ensuring their neon sign complements their preferred aesthetic.