Acrylic Channel Letter

This demo showcases using the Channel Letter features to create 3D acrylic channel letter sign customizers.


  • Unlimited Fonts: You can now use a variety of fonts to personalize your neon signs as much as you like.
  • Flexible Pricing Rules: Set different prices for each font. This gives you the freedom to adjust your prices based on the font used, making your pricing more versatile.


  • Flexible Pricing Options: With our Advanced model, you gain access to flexible pricing options tailored to your needs.
  • Fixed Cost per Letter: Easily set a fixed cost for each letter, giving you control over pricing based on the number of characters.
  • Letter Material Cost: Accurately factor in the cost of materials used for each letter, ensuring precise pricing calculations.
  • Shipping Price Calculation: Seamlessly calculate shipping prices using either a flat rate or volumetric weight method, making shipping costs transparent and manageable.


  • Scale Font Sizes: The sizes feature allows you to scale the minimum font size to cater to different design preferences.
  • Customizable Sizing Options: Offer your customers the ability to choose the perfect size for their neon signs, providing a personalized experience.

Letter Types

  • Letter Types: Now, you can create multiple letter types, with distinct settings for each type. Customize the design of each letter type according to your preferences.
  • Letter Parts: Enable your customers to design their channel letter signs with customizable letter parts. They can adjust the Face, Side, Trim, and Backlit aspects of each letter, tailoring the sign to their exact specifications.